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Air Puff™ (Turq)

490 EGP

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Product Description

Ultra lightweight, easy inflatable, extremely comfortable, and just awesome. Relax in the park or on the beach anytime, anywhere!

The Air Puff™ is a brand new Egyptian patented product and the lifestyle Innovation of the season. It has been created to perfectly relax anywhere. All you need is two scoops of air and you’re ready for relaxation. No external pump needed! Easy does it.

The Air Puff™ can be inflated and deflated within seconds and stored in a small carrying bag giving you the opportunity to carry it anywhere, anytime you want.

It goes great with outdoor activities such as festivals, camping, barbecuing, and traveling (you don’t have to sleep on airport floors no more!) and because of its durability, super strong nylon fabric, it can be used under the harshest conditions.

Additional Information

Weight1.35 kg
Dimensions250 x 70 cm

Ripstop Nylon


Blue (ازرق), Orange ( برتقالى ), Pink (فوشيا), Red (احمر ), Black ( اسود ), Green ( اخضر ), Turquoise ( تركواز ), Off-White ( اوف وايت )


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