Big Buff Buff

Big Buff Buff- Standard

690.00 EGP

The most common usual shape is designed for your comfort and luxury. It molds to your body shape. Available to order online & Delivery is available.

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Product Description

Our Big Buff Buff is the standard, best seller ariika bean bag that is perfectly designed for your comfort and luxury. Once you’re settled on a good position you’re not going to want to get up for any reason, so we suggest you do all your chores before you consider watching the TV, playing your P.S, or enjoying a sunbath by the beach.


Additional Information

Weight3.3 kg
Dimensions60 x 94 cm

Jeans-Canvas (Sun/Water Resistant) (جينز), Leather (جلد), PVC (بفس)


Blue (ازرق), Lime (لمونى ), Orange ( برتقالى ), Pink (فوشيا), Purple ( موف ), Red (احمر ), Yellow ( اصفر ), Beige ( بيج ), Black ( اسود ), Brown ( بنى ), Burgundy (نبيتى ), Camel (جملى ), Dark Green, Gray ( رمادى ), Green ( اخضر ), Navy Blue ( كحلى ), Turquoise ( تركواز ), Off-White ( اوف وايت ), White ( ابيض )


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